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These sessions have a fun and light-hearted approach. The sessions are not made too detailed or technical. The aim of the session is to introduce the dance and show participants how much they can learn in a small amount of time, without having any dance experience. The sessions can be tailored for different age ranges and can focus on solo work, partner work or group routines. If required, sessions can also be ladies only or men only.


Workshops are detailed sessions in a particular dance style. The level of the workshops can be tailored from basic to advanced and can be up to 3 hours long. Workshops can also be offered to dance students and dance teachers.
Courses give individuals a detailed introduction, understanding or further development in the dance style. AIM TO DANCE often run courses at the request of community groups, schools, hospitals and city/town councils. Community courses can expose dance to individuals who may not have had the opportunity to learn a dance style before. It allows the community to come and learn together.


Performances can be a great way to enhance your event. It captures the attention your audience and guests. Performances can be a great opening, interval filler or finale to your events. Public demonstrations and performances are a great way to expose dances styles to the general public and get the audience to participate in the sessions.


1-2-1 tuition is a great option for individuals or groups that cannot attend a regular class or would like some confidence before attending classes. The level of the session can be from basic step by step to advanced level.


Why not make your day even more special by having AIM TO DANCE plan your wedding dance? No dance experience is required. We can tailor make a routine to suit you to any type of music. We can also provide dance performances and taster sessions at wedding receptions to entertain your guests and get the celebrations off to a great start.

For a more comprehensive listing and detail of services, please contact Nisha Lall.